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Best of Delta CO


Best of Delta CO


Our Winery

Our winery has been founded with one strong influence in mind – cultivation and production of Colorado Grown wine…

Bret Neal tried to continue his family’s vision of wine in Colorado, which he has done. We produce both red, white and rose wines, making a wide range of wine varietals. That kind of diversity allows our clients to have a full range of choices…

When asked “What is your best wine, or what are you known for?”  He likes to respond, “Wine!  I make wine for everyone, if we all liked the same thing the world would be boring.  What do you like?”

Ptarmigan Vineyards

Resurrecting a bit of Colorado history – one vine at a time.

Purchased in 2000, it was originally planted in 1982 making Ptarmigan Vineyards one of the oldest plantings still in production today.   Although over the years, some sections of under producing vines have been removed,  It gives us plenty of area to plant in the Grand Valley AVA in the future.  Also 3 miles to the east in Palisade, we have our newest addition of acreage where we currently grow our Pinot Gris.

Stoney Mesa

A blast from the past – Built in the late 1800 and stands strong today

Our tasting room is in a turn of the century original homestead house.  Although we have made many changes, we wanted to keep the charm of the country surrounding it.  All of the decoration is from old buildings and materials that were on the property.  Like the old chicken coop door in the art gallery or the apple crate display shelves, and a grain bin island.  It is rustic and elegant at the same time.