The Vineyards


Sustainable agriculture is a balance between nature and crop survival. We do only what is necessary to maintain a healthy farm with little impact on the environment.

Stoney Mesa was named for the terrain and geology of the original farm in Cedaredge, CO. We believe that great wine is a reflection of the vineyards care. And the unique Terroir is something that sets us  apart from any other wine growing region in the world. Terroir is a word to describe everything in our environment that the grapes live in from soil, to temperatures, rainfall, and even viticulture practice. The wines made at Stoney Mesa Winery express the Terroir of the three vineyard properties that constitute our Western Colorado vineyard holdings. We harvest a majority of the fruit for our wines from these vineyards and each lies in a different area, providing the winery a wide variety of soils and climatic conditions for planting different grape varieties

The Farms

The winery is situated in the middle of our 10-acre vineyard on our 50-acre Delta County farm, of which we originally planted our Gewurztraminer in 1990. Here we also grow some Merlot, and Chardonnay. We are experimenting with other varieties, Baco Noir and Zweigelt which is an Austrian vinifera cross that makes a medium bodied red wine. Much of the property is actively being used by a local rancher whom is raising some of the best grass-fed beef around. This acreage will give us plenty of room to expand our plantings as we grow.

Grand Vally (AVA). Additionally we have a 7-acre farm in Palisade on East Orchard Mesa, an area highly regarded, and arguably the best grape growing area in Colorado.

Our Approach

We believe in Sustainable Agriculture which is a very low environmental impact method of farming. This is aided by using canopy management to help reduce mildew, and our arid climate is a poor environment for large populations of insects. By allowing grasses and low vineyard impact vegetation to grow, problem weeds are choked out thus making mowing and in-row tilling a very effective method of vineyard maintenance.

Our Stewardship

An important part of managing the vineyard, is maintaining the balance between viticulture and nature. Stoney Mesa Winery has always focused on environmental responsibility. Dedicated to growing wine naturally, we work very hard to avoid any harmful practice, and always use organic techniques whenever possible. Almost all of our vine work is done by hand, and most ground maintenance is done mechanically. We recycle harvest waste and most of it is taken to the old town landfill. After it was abandoned, it burned and left baron. Stoney Mesa Winery and the current owner of the property are replenishing organic material in the soil so that native plant life can reclaim its natural habitat and beauty.